News And Views

School Counsellor Vacancy

30th June 2021/by Sarah King

Learning Support Practitioner Vacancy – September 2021

28th June 2021/by Sarah King

Remote Learning Information for Parents

5th January 2021/by Sarah King

Thank You

20th March 2020/by Sarah King

NSPCC Number Day – 7th February 2020

27th January 2020/by Dan Earley

DeHav Fest ’19

4th September 2019/by dehav

Non-School Uniform Day Tomorrow (04.07.19)

3rd July 2019/by Sarah King

A visit from the Local Police and Fire Service

1st July 2019/by Dan Earley

District Sports 2019

28th June 2019/by Dan Earley

Marvellous Mayan Masks

25th June 2019/by Dan Earley

Glee Club amazes at The Galleria

25th June 2019/by Dan Earley

De Hav Fest is awesome and back this year! Friday 12th July 2019

14th June 2019/by Dan Earley

Keeping Your Child Safe Online

5th February 2019/by Sarah King

Mingling with Stars

19th October 2018/by Sarah King

Harvest Recipes

16th October 2018/by Sarah King

Sparky Learning Builds Futures

8th October 2018/by Sarah King

Hudnall Park

25th July 2018/by Sarah King

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside….

8th June 2018/by Sarah King

Congratulations to our wonderful Catering Team

18th May 2018/by Sarah King

Easter Raffle

29th March 2018/by Sarah King

Absolute Beginners Chef School

15th March 2018/by Sarah King

Snowy Weather

28th February 2018/by Sarah King

5S ‘Shake it Up’

26th January 2018/by Sarah King

IMPORTANT Re-Scheduled Performances

12th December 2017/by Sarah King

Family Learning

6th December 2017/by Sarah King

Year 4 Journalists

24th November 2017/by Sarah King

Harvest Festivities

20th October 2017/by Sarah King

New to Early Years (2018 -2019)

25th September 2017/by Sarah King

100% Attendance

8th September 2017/by Sarah King

Community Wake & Shake

14th June 2017/by Sarah King

De Hav Fest

26th May 2017/by Sarah King

Staff go back to Netball!

31st March 2017/by Sarah King

Phenomenal H2O! Don’t you Know?

17th March 2017/by Sarah King

Bringing Books to Life!

7th March 2017/by Sarah King

Fantásticas clases de español

7th March 2017/by Sarah King

Young Voices

28th February 2017/by Sarah King

4T Are Shaping Up!

11th January 2017/by Sarah King

Young Entrepreneurs

19th December 2016/by Sarah King

De Havilland Grounds Day

19th December 2016/by Sarah King

‘Spotty Support’

18th November 2016/by Sarah King

New to Reception 2017/2018

10th October 2016/by Sarah King

Clean up No.2 in Progress!!

16th September 2016/by Sarah King

Year 6’s Camp De Hav

20th July 2016/by Sarah King

Under Water Adventure

23rd June 2016/by Sarah King

A Week To Remember!

6th June 2016/by Sarah King

Samba and Sunshine

25th May 2016/by Sarah King

Let’s Get Creative!!!

18th May 2016/by Sarah King

Follow us on Twitter…@DeHavPrimary

29th April 2016/by Sarah King

Sutton Hoo

29th April 2016/by Sarah King

Happy 90th Birthday Your Majesty!

22nd April 2016/by Sarah King

Maynard Cup Final

19th April 2016/by Sarah King

Back to School

1st April 2016/by Sarah King

Fire! Fire!

1st April 2016/by Sarah King

Happy Holidays

1st April 2016/by Sarah King

We Nearly ‘Netted’ It!

18th March 2016/by Sarah King

The Maverick Experience

17th March 2016/by Sarah King

Sports Relief

14th March 2016/by Sarah King

World Book Day

14th March 2016/by dehav

Year 3 Celtic Harmony

14th March 2016/by Sarah King

A Day of Disasters at De Havilland!

5th February 2016/by dehav

A ‘Sawing’ Success

3rd February 2016/by dehav

Cookery Club Finale!

3rd February 2016/by dehav

Cold Weather

17th December 2015/by dehav

2015 Christmas Performances

17th December 2015/by dehav

Football Tournament

10th November 2015/by dehav

International Day

10th November 2015/by dehav

Roman Camp

10th November 2015/by dehav

Harvest Celebrations

10th November 2015/by dehav