Police June 2019

A visit from the Local Police and Fire Service

During the past few days, rescue departments including the Police and Fire Service have come to visit De Havilland Primary School, in specific, Early Years. They taught the children how to use the rescue equipment and gave the pupils a chance to operate the water hose and sit in a police car. Here are some quotes from Early Years:

“I enjoyed riding the fire engine and hearing the loud fire engine!” Aida

“The sound of the police sirens made me jump!” Juwariyah

“The police told us how to cross the road sensibly.” Eleanor

“I liked seeing the water squirt out the hose, that was definitely the best part! Aida

Overall, it was a great opportunity for Early Years to see a real police car and fire engine and they all enjoyed it!

Reported by Lina, Vanshika and Maryam in Year 5